Knowing that your family is about to grow is exciting. As a mother’s body changes through the pregnancy period, it is nothing short of miraculous and magical. It is a memorable time for every parent. Buying clothes, setting nurseries, making scrapbooks, planning futures, picking names – the excitement builds as the due date gets nearer. After the baby arrives, your life takes a new turn. So why not capture the moments of this beautiful journey? Maternity photoshoots allow you to capture the magical moments before your baby’s birth. But when is the best time for a maternity shoot? Read this article to know what it is and when you should have it.

What is a maternity shoot?

A maternity photoshoot is a photo shoot during the pregnancy of a soon-to-be mother. This photoshoot helps capture a mother’s growing belly, signifying the unity between her and the baby. The moments captured in a maternity shoot are nostalgic; moreover, you can look back at them and reminisce the magical journey.

When Should You Have a Maternity Shoot?

Usually, 28 to 36 weeks of pregnancy are considered the best time for a maternity shoot. This is around the seventh or eighth month. The baby bump is round and nice for a maternity shoot during this period. In addition, the pregnant belly has not dropped down and is high enough for a perfect photoshoot. Not only this, but usually, the mother is not extremely tired or in discomfort. As a result, capturing pictures while the client stands or asking them to make different poses will be easier.

You can also go for an early photo shoot if you are happy with the size of your belly. Delaying maternity photoshoots after the 36th week would mean the due date is nearer. Sometimes, the baby comes early, and that could mean no photoshoot. Therefore, having a maternity shoot in the early third trimester is ideal.

However, not all pregnancies are the same. Your experience carrying your second child might differ from your first pregnancy. Thus, when you feel comfortable enough for a photo session, do one. It is not set in stone that you have your maternity shoot in the seventh month, although it is considered the best. Whenever you feel comfortable in your skin and body, that is when you should have your maternity photoshoot.

When Should Mothers Expecting Twins or Triplets (or more) Should Have Their Photoshoot?

Mothers expecting more than one baby can schedule their photoshoots early, as their baby bump will be prominent and well-established by that time. Moreover, they will be comfortable during that time as well. Keep in mind that usually, multiple pregnancies deliver early. Hence, schedule your maternity shoot accordingly if you are expecting more than one baby. In this case, 13 to 24 weeks is a good time for a maternity shoot.

When to Schedule a Maternity Shoot for High-risk Pregnancies?

Many parents opt for parenthood later in their life. Medical breakthroughs have opened people’s minds to this possibility, resulting in a high-risk pregnancy. Often, high-risk pregnancy goes smoothly. Nonetheless, the second trimester is the best time for a shoot for a high-risk pregnancy.

What If the Maternity Photos Are For Announcements?

Sometimes, the family wants to break the pregnancy news through a maternity shoot photo. For this purpose, the family should book the photo session for the third trimester or 27-28 weeks. Maternity photos are an excellent method to make an announcement.

Some Tips for Scheduling Your Maternity Shoot

  • Maternity shoots are exciting and, sometimes, a little overwhelming. Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for your maternity shoot:
  • Pick a good photographer who can deliver what you have in mind.
  • Contact the photographer and make sure they are available asap.
  • Schedule the shoot when your baby bump is round and nice. Also, do it when you feel at ease!
  • Browse different apps and surf the internet for an ideal location if you have nothing in mind yet. You can even pick scenery, and the photographer will recommend relevant locations.
  • Make sure to pick a location where it is easy for you to walk and make poses.
  • Shop for the maternity dress and other accessories according to the location, keeping your photographer’s recommendations in mind.
  • The Key Takeaway

Maternity shoots help you create and save memories of your pregnancy. Ideally, you should have it in the third trimester. However, you can have it early if you are expecting twins or triplets. Women with a high-risk pregnancy can also have their maternity shoot earlier. Everyone’s pregnancy journey is different, so the best time to schedule the shoot is when you feel comfortable. You have multiple choices if you are looking for a maternity photographer in Houston. Reach out to them and show off that baby bump!

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