How Dental Health Is Connected To Overall Health

Every aspect of your health is important. Most people focus on gut health, bone health, and cardiovascular health, but many people today are ignoring their oral health. That is a big problem because your oral health is connected to all other aspects of your overall health. Without good oral health, your body will suffer some consequences.

Maintaining good oral health will is an asset to your personality and your overall physical health. Consider an example that the doorway into a house is dirty. Hence, whatever goes inside it will also be dirty. The same can be said for your body if your oral health is in poor condition. Therefore, whatever you consume will also be dirty.

How Oral Health Effects Your Body

It is a well-known fact that bacteria are everywhere. On your skin, on your face, and even in your mouth. Mostly harmless, and your body’s protective functions are sufficient enough to deal with these bacteria if they ever become harmful to you. If you have a good oral and dental care routine, then there is nothing to worry about. On the other hand, by consuming unhealthy food that is loaded with sugar or excess oils, then other more harmful kinds of bacteria can take up residence in your mouth. These bacteria can cause infection, among other problems, and your overall health can decline.

Problems Caused By Bad Oral Health

Effects On Oral Health

If you have a lot of food particles stuck between your teeth and gums, you are very much susceptible to oral issues. Issues like cavities, gum disease, gingivitis, and many others can occur due to bad oral hygiene. Oral diseases can also cause your teeth to loosen up and decay. Becoming yellowish and unattractive in the process, along with bad breath that will interfere with your social life.

Bad oral hygiene will end up spreading the germs to other parts of your area. Your mouth is the pathway to your respiratory system and your digestive system. The most common issue caused by bad oral hygiene in other parts of your body is inflammation in the tonsils. This causes pain in your throat along with difficulty in swallowing. This is the first indicator of poor oral hygiene.

Effects On Gut Health

Your gut health is vital for your overall health, and people put a lot of emphasis on keeping their gut healthy. But they mostly ignore the cause of bad gut health. If your oral care is not on point, then it doesn’t matter how much healthy you are eating. It won’t matter in the end because the bacteria from your mouth will travel down to your gut with the food that you have swallowed, and it will cause an upset stomach.

How To Keep Your Oral Health In Check.

Oral health is the most important and is also easiest to maintain as your mouth is the only part of your inner body that is within reach of you. Brushing 2 times a day with a soft brush and fluoride toothpaste will have a very positive impact on your oral hygiene. Flossing daily will prevent food from getting stuck between your teeth. Contact our San Jose Dentist Office right now to get premium dental health care if you are experiencing oral health issues even after proper care. Every time after eating, rinse your mouth with water or mouth wash if available to get the smell and particles of food out of your mouth.

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