Every person needs dental care services at every age of their lives. However, this service is not something available as a five-star service for an affordable rate until now. Hermann Park Smiles clinic is here to give you an experience you never had before. For adults, the elderly, and children, we are prepared to deal with clients of every age while providing complete satisfaction.

Our Facilities

We know about all the care you need regarding your teeth. Our clinic has multiple experts from multiple fields to serve your teeth in the best way. Whatever dental care service you need, you will not have to go anywhere from our clinic.

Pediatric Care

Your child is precious, and so is our care. Our expert pediatricians are friendly and willing to make a connection with children. They are passionate and specially trained to make children feel comfortable even during checkups. Once your child visits Hermann Park Smiles clinic, they will never be afraid of the dentist, but they will look forward to their next appointment.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Let us give your teeth a complete look of perfection. Cosmetic dentistry will give your teeth the look of shiny pearls, precisely as they should be. If your teeth are out of alignment, we are prepared to treat your teeth with braces and Invisalign. We are experts at improving the cosmetic look of our patients.

Teeth Cleaning

If your teeth have discolored over the years, then you must book an appointment with us. Let us help you protect your teeth from plaque and tartar that damages teeth over time.

Clinic Tour

Our clinic is located at Almeda Rd, Suite J, Houston, Texas. The location is easy to find and comfortable to stay at. We have enough checkup rooms that nobody has to wait for long. However, we guarantee that you will not mind waiting at our clinic. The waiting area is specially built with your comfort in mind.


Doctor SHAREL S. SLY did her Bachelors in Microbiology from Louisiana State University. Later she earned her degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Tennessee in 2009. She moved to Houston, Texas, in 2011. She was also a part of the upcoming top 50 Health, Wellness, and Medical Professionals, 2013 class.

Address: 5927 Almeda Rd Suite J, Houston, TX 77004

Phone: (713) 522-1717

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