There are several options for replacing missing teeth. But dental implant takes the lead, as it offers benefits that other tooth replacement options don’t. It enhances your smile and functions like a natural tooth. Therefore, get the benefits of dental implants if one or more of your teeth are missing. The benefits of a dental implant include:

1. Helps Prevent Bone Loss

Jaw bone in the empty space where your tooth used to be can deteriorate. When a tooth is connected to its mass, it provides a much-needed stimulation for the jaw bone. Thus, a missing tooth can lead to bone loss. Gradually, the area keeps losing its volume. But, dental implants are the only tooth replacement option that prevents bone loss. They restore the tooth’s root and function like chewing, which aids in stimulating natural bone growth.

2. Restores Tooth Function

Restoring tooth function is one of the primary benefits of dental implants. They behave like natural teeth, allowing you to chew properly by restoring bite force. This is possible because they are implanted in your jawbone with a titanium post, replacing the tooth root. Moreover, you can brush and floss as usual with dental implants. To summarize: you won’t feel it’s different from natural teeth!

3. Blends in With Your Natural Teeth

Not only do dental implants restore your natural tooth’s function, but they look like it too. Your dentist will work with you to pick the replacement that matches the color and size of the surrounding teeth. As a result, you will have a replacement that looks just like your natural teeth, especially customized for you.

4. Prevents Alterations in Your Face Shape

Your teeth play a significant role in supporting your facial structure. Missing teeth can lead to thinning lips, a pointed chin, excessive wrinkles surrounding the mouth, and a sagging face. Moreover, a person starts looking a lot older than they are. Since bone loss occurs with missing teeth, the distance between your chin, nose, and tip of the nose starts closing ー, making the area collapse.

5. Keeps Gum Disease & Cavities at Bay

A missing tooth gap gives bacteria and food access to thriving, allowing them to accumulate and cause dental issues. But having dental implants will fill the gap. Hence, they won’t have the space to collect. Dental implants do not protect against bacteria build-up and infection. Still, they give one surety: you won’t get a cavity in your dental implant! Therefore, you can get the benefit of no cavities and prevention against gum disease with dental implants.

6. Keeps Adjacent Teeth Stable

Dental implants fill the missing gap in your teeth, which can otherwise lead to misalignment. The gap from your missing tooth can cause the adjacent teeth to shift towards the gap. Consequently, this shift affects your ability to chew, bite, appearance, and other complications. Thus, you can benefit from aligned, straight teeth with dental implants.

7. Can Last A Lifetime

If you properly care for your oral hygiene, your dental implant can last a lifetime. Composed of titanium, it is integrated into your jawbone. Moreover, it is bio-compatible; your body does not reject this non-toxic tooth replacement option. Other tooth replacement options need to be changed or repaired periodically, but not dental implants. All in all, it is an excellent permanent tooth replacement option.

8. Allows You to Speak Naturally

You can face speech alterations due to missing teeth. Other tooth replacement options, like dentures, can also alter your speech and make you mispronounce. But dental implants function and feel like natural teeth, enabling you to speak naturally.

9. Is Easy To Care For

As they function like natural teeth, they also need cleaning like natural teeth. You don’t need to purchase special cleaning products to care for them. All you have to do is brush and floss regularly, just like the rest of your teeth.

10. Saves You The Slippage Embarrassment Unlike Dentures

Dentures can noticeably shift or slip inside your mouth, which makes one conscious of speaking, laughing, or eating in public. Comparatively, dental implants are firmly anchored in your jaw; they won’t move an inch from their position. In this way, dental implants save you the embarrassment of slipping while you are going through your day. You can eat, speak, and laugh freely.

The Closing Word

You can get the numerous benefit of dental implants, perks that other tooth-replacement options don’t offer. It blends in with your teeth physically and in function. Many dental clinics offer the best dental implants Houston, TX, has for those living there or nearby. Wherever you live, you should find a good dentist and visit them in case of missing teeth.

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