Are you worried about your child grabbing everything and anything they can and putting it in their mouth? If yes, you’re not alone. Kids have a habit of putting things in their mouths while exploring them. And so, multiple teeth problems occur when children’s oral hygiene isn’t taken care of properly. Some issues tend to crop up more often than others, including prolonged thumb sucking to tooth decay. In fact, some dental problems can still occur despite your best oral hygiene efforts. But the good news is, Pediatric Dentists at Rodeo Dental Colorado Springs have the skills, training, and technology to treat your child’s dental problems efficiently. We’ve listed down some of the common teeth problems in kids that our kid’s friendly dentists treat regularly. What are those? Let’s find out!

Tooth Decay in Kids

Tooth decay is a problem pediatric dentists see and treat almost every single day. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cavities are among the most common chronic diseases children in the U.S. face. In fact, according to their estimation, about 20% of children between the ages 5-11 have one or more untreated teeth with a cavity. Likewise, almost 13% of teens between the age of 12 and 19 have tooth decay in U.S.

When tooth decay in kids is left untreated, it leads to severe pain, infection, interruption in their studies, missed school, bite issues, and speaking problems. To avoid such complications, Pediatric dentists at Rodeo Dental Colorado Springs recommend preventative dentistry. Start by educating young patients and their parents about the importance of regular dental exams and cleanings. However, if your kid has already developed tooth decay, you should visit a good pediatric dentist near you.

Teeth Sensitivity in Children

Adults like us aren’t the only ones who experience sensitive teeth. Young patients can also face tooth sensitivity due to various reasons. This includes brushing too hard, injury to a tooth, or decay. This sensation is felt when your child eats or drinks hot or cold food. So if your child experiences a sensitive tooth, let the pediatric dentist know. We will start by examining your little one’s oral condition and determine the underlying cause, followed by actual treatment.

Bad Oral Habits

Even though oral habits like pacifier and thumb sucking are typical in babies, it becomes a problem when these habits continue beyond a certain point. Habits like tongue thrusting and teeth grinding can affect the alignment of your kid’s teeth and jaws. This can likely result in the need for extensive orthodontic treatment or surgery in later years.

Loose Tooth

For children, getting a visit from the Tooth Fairy is an exciting occasion. Although losing a baby’s tooth is natural, the problem occurs when your child’s tooth falls out before its natural time. Early loss of a baby tooth is one of the most common dental problems nowadays. This early tooth loss is often because of an impact, injury, or tooth decay, resulting in dental complications, including crowding or infection. That’s why it is essential to visit a pediatric dentist and save your child from further dental problems.

Take Away

It is usual for children to be careless about their dental health. However, parents and dentists should educate children about preventive measures and good oral hygiene practices, like brushing and flossing. You can also book an appointment with Rodeo Dental in Colorado Springs, CO, today to keep your child’s smile happy and healthy.


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